Onze TeamSpeak 3 server staat voor je klaar

Kom gezellig gamen, chatten of lammen.. we spelen meer dan 52 games zoals:

Anno, Banished, Battlefield, Borderlands, Call of Duty Black Ops III, Chivalry, Company of Heroes, Counterstrike, DayZ, Diablo, Divinity, Don't Starve, Dota 2, DungeonDefenders, EVE Online, Elite: Dangerous, Euro Truck Simulator, FTL (Faster Than Light), Factorio, Final Fantasy XIV, Garry's Mod, Grand Theft Auto, Grim Dawn, Guild Wars 2, Hearthstone, Heroes Of The Storm, Heroes of Might and Magic, League of Legends, Magicite, Minecraft, Natural Selection, Overwatch, Path of Exile, Planetary Annihilation, Rainbow Six Seige, Reign of Kings, RimWorld, Rocket League, Rust, Screeps, Shadow Warrior 2, Smite, Space Engineers, Star Wars Battlefront, Starbound, Tabletop Simulator, Terraria, The Division, War Thunder, World of Tanks, World of Warcraft, World of Warships en nog veel meer!

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